Update Your Look This Fall! Check Out These 5 Popular Haircuts Celebs Are Rocking Right Now.

Summer is on its way out, which means it’s time to say goodbye to our old summer haircuts. We know that fall is the perfect time of year to go with darker hues, but what about style? Hair styles come and go not only with the seasons, but with each new year as fresh trends emerge.

If you are among the 58% of women who plan to change their hair style in the near future, you might be brainstorming some new haircut ideas. Here are five of the most popular haircuts 2016’s fall season has in store for us.

Popular Haircuts 2016

  1. The Texturized Lob
    Celebs like Emma Watson and Adele are looking gorgeous with their trendy long bobs or “lobs”. This shaggy, chopped, shoulder-length hair style is easy to manage and extremely versatile at the same time. At the hair salon, ask your stylist for an effortless look with lots of movement that will have you telling your friends “I woke up like this.”

  2. The Shag
    This retro rock-and-roll style looks great on Taylor Swift, with its long piecey fringe and face-framing layers. It’s just long enough that you can wear it in a ponytail and you’ll have some extra pieces in the front for a fuller look.

  3. The Petite-Coif
    Have you seen Kate Mara’s adorable version of the classic pixie cut? With short hair around the perimeter of the face and varying longer lengths on top and around the ears, it’s the best of both worlds: cute and classy with a fierce modern edge.

  4. The Curly Bob
    Curly-haired ladies, it’s time to embrace your natural bounce. Ask your stylist for a blunt angle cut in the back with fun piecey tendrils in the front. Differing lengths in the front will give you a bolder, funkier look that celebs are loving this season.

  5. The Curly Fringe Afro
    Celebrity hair stylists are calling Rihanna’s new hair cut “the next big thing.” With voluminous well-defined curls, this style is all about bounce and hydration. Keeping your curls healthy is a must. This style also works for every type of face shape, as the bangs can be cut into varying layers to contour the cheekbones.

What do you think? See anything you like? Let us know in the comments section below!

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