Stronger Hair, Stronger You: How One Treatment Can Boost Your Confidence

keratin treatmentAs many women understand, when it comes to hair care, a trip to the hair salon isn't about regular maintenance; it's a whole transformative experience, an exciting event! A fresh new look can break up the monotony of your routine and inject a refreshing dose of variety into your life.

Most women experiment with three different colors over the years, but one in four changes shades up to five times. Almost one-third of women change their hair in the aftermath of a breakup or divorce, and a quarter of women say that they make the change to "reinvent" themselves. These changes can be bold or subtle, from a drastic color switch to some stunning yet subtle hair highlights, to a new set of bangs. Big or small, a new hairstyle gives many women the confidence boost they need to overcome life's obstacles.

Maybe you aren't interested in making a drastic alteration, but you do believe that your hair could look and feel better. A keratin treatment might be all you need to bring out a bold new you!

Keratin is a restorative treatment that strengthens the hair shaft, leaving your hair more resilient. It also leaves your hair straighter, shinier, and healthier-looking in general. Your hair will retain its straight texture for about six weeks, at which point you would have another treatment to maintain the soft, glossy look.

How does it work?
Your stylist will apply the keratin product to your hair and seal it in using the heat of a flat iron. The process usually takes around 90 minutes, but may vary depending on the length of your hair.

Who is a good candidate for the keratin hot oil treatment?
The treatment is designed for those with thick, curly, frizzy, or coarse hair. Hair that has been damaged or chemically treated (colored, bleached, permed) will benefit as well. If your hair is fine or straight, you won't benefit much from a keratin treatment, but keratin products on their own are healthy for all types of hair.

How can I maintain longevity of the treatment?
The more you wash your hair, the quicker the keratin treatment will wear off. To keep it as long as possible, wash your hair less frequently and use a shampoo that does not contain Sodium Chloride. Limit your exposure to chlorine, salt water, and direct sunlight. Products with UV protection can help against sun exposure.

Whether you're simply bored with your current look, want to make a drastic change, or just seek healthier hair, a trip to the hair salon will always brighten your spirits and boost your confidence.

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