Check Out These Gorgeous Spring 2016 Hair Color Trends

hair careWe are so fortunate to live in an age when we can change our look at a moment's notice. Hair care and styling is incredibly convenient in the 21st century. All you need is an appointment at the hair salon and you can be a whole new woman in under an hour. Salons offer a number of services that keep us feeling fresh and confident from hair styling for events to bridal hair designing to simple coloring and trimming.

It is now easier and safer than ever to switch up your hair color. Some of us prefer to keep rocking the shade we were born with while up to 75% of women experiment with hair color in some form. As many as 69% of women say that they feel more attractive right after having their hair colored.

We may choose to change our hair color for a number of different reasons. Some simply want to cover up those pesky gray hairs that pop up with age, while others just want a change. Statistics show that dark brown is the color of choice for 56% of women who have their hair colored, but shades of blonde are popular as well. Nearly half (46%) of women request hair highlights most frequently while 35% request full hair coloring, whether it's blonde, brown, red, black, something in between, or something totally unique.

Let's take a look at this season's most popular hair color trends.

Spring 2016 Hair Color Trends

1. Nude: We've heard about warm and cool hair colors but did you know that there is also a category of "nude" colors? Nude hair sits in between warm and cool; colors in this family are considered "neutral." They are flattering on all skin tones and are becoming increasingly trendy because they are so easy to wear.

2. Snowlights: Snowlights take highlights to the next level, incorporating shimmering pieces of very pale blonde across the crown of the head, adding extra shine and lift to light summer hair.

3. Denim blue: Neon and pastels have become increasingly common among celebrities, and how this dark blue is starting to appear on the red carpet as well. This blue is a dusty dark color that almost looks black until you see it in the right light.

Hair care is about more than just health and hygiene; it's about expressing oneself through hairstyle. If you're looking for a change, why not try one of these exciting new looks?

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