Posha's Guide to the Holidays!
Looking for a gift for a hair lover in your life? Posha can be your one stop shop for everything you need to put a smile on their face. Here are some great gifts that we have in store now, that will bring everyone on your list some holiday joy.
1. Pureology Holiday Sets
These box sets include a shampoo and conditioner, and three travel size hair products. We have the hydrate, strength cure and pure volume Pureology in these sets. They also cost the same amount as the shampoo and conditioner do alone, so do yourself a favor, and get the whole set. 
2. Bumble and Blumble Mens Styling Line
Posha offers all four of the Mens Sumo products, including the gel, clay, wax and tech. Depending on each unique hair texture, these products will make styling mens hair a breeze. They smell great, and keep your hair in perfect place. 
3. Purple Goose
We are lucky enough to offer a Pop Up shop for the Purple Goose. The Purple Goose is based out of Verona and offers a variety of women's clothing that is free spirited and colorful. There is something for everyone including sweaters, cardigans and scarves, all in perfect timing for the holidays.

Stop in today for your perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Further Products


Further Products are gentle lotions, candles and handsoaps, that smell of bergamot, olive and grass. They are made in the United States and produced from depleted vegetable oil. The products are not tested on animals, and are packaged into easy to use bottles in Los Angeles, California. Only one pump is needed (with the body products) per use to get maximum moisture that leave your skin smelling, and feeling great. However, the candles will leave your home or office smelling delicious.


The Further brand has been featured in many popular magazines, including InStyle, Los Angeles Times, and Food Network. The lotions, candles and soaps are also sold in restaurants and shops around the United States, featuring four in WIsconsin alone. The Megan and Marshall name hold themselves to a high standard of keeping their products natural, and sustainable.



Stop into Posha Salon to pick up one today, and we guarantee you will be back for more.  





Hill Against Heroin 


Hill Against Heroin is a campaign created by the family and friends of HIllary, who lost her life due to a Heroin addiction. In efforts to raise awareness of this devastating epidemic, the campaign has created unqiue headbands that can be found in shops and salons around Dane County. On each headpiece, a small tag is attached that shares the story of HIllary, and how the powerful drug does not discriminate against any age, gender or personality.




These size adjustable headbands come in a wide variety of colors and designs, that are suitable for sports all the way to fashion. They also have the word "Hill" embroided on the front, along with a small flower to spread awareness in Hillary's name. These are a beautiful accessory that are fighting an ugly drug, that can complement any outfit on any day. 


Stop in to Posha Salon to take a look at the many offerings we have of Hill Against Heroin headbands, and purchase one to continue the fight against Heroin addiction.





How to Care For Your Hair in The Summer


Summer means tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits, but what does it mean for our hair? UV Rays easily damage our hair by drying it out and taking away the natural softness. This shouldn't be the season of throwing our hair in buns to hide the summer damage, but rather letting it down and keeping it protected. Many products include ingredients that give our hair a "shield" to keep it safe from the harmful rays. Here are three Bumble and Bumble products that are sure to keep your locks hydrated and texturized.

1.Bumble and Bumble "Don't Blow It" Fine Hair Styler

This creme can be easily ran through towel dried hair with your fingers, and has an amazingly fresh scent that leaves your hair soft and smooth. There are UVA and UVB filters that protect against the sun, but they don't leave any residue behind. It can be used on any length hair and allows you to skip your heat tools by giving your hair texture naturally. With this in mind, it's perfect for an "on the go" day that you can spend soaking up sunrays. Frizz doesn't stand a chance against this Bumble and Bumble homerun.

2. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Finishing Spray

This spray adds ultimate shine to your hair while coating it lightly with a UV Protective layer, that is weightless. It tames frizz  when sprayed througholy on dry hair and completes your look by giving it subtle softness. It's packaging is perfect for an apply all day feel so you never have dry, brittle strands. The outside cover of your hair is called the Cuticle, and it can be damaged by the sun's rays when not protected by this clean smelling Bumble and Bumble spray.

3. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Primer

This pre-styler is perfect for days spent outdoors on a hot, sunny day. It's not only great for providing protection from the heat, but it also helps against breakage and can repair coarse hair. After you wash your hair, apply the primer out of the spray cap and then continue to style as usual. It eases the styling along with adding softness to your hair that will make it noticibly healthier looking. This Bumble and Bumble reverses the drying effects of the sunshine and adds a great deal of frizz free luxury. 

2 Trending Prom Hairstyles For Each Type of Style


As prom season approaches, we are swept away in articles that detail the dresses and makeup trends for this years dance. Some prom goers love their hair to be swept away down their back, while others want it up and away. Each year, new twists and teases are added to the list of crazes that high schoolers can't go without. Here are two prom hairstyles that are sure to catch stares. 

2017 Trending Prom Hairstyles

1. Braids Swept into Curls

This style gives great volume to any thickness of hair, and also exaggerates any extra color to given to your locks. Begin with a tight braid forming on each side of the head, only using a handful of hair. These can be loosened towards the end, but should be kept tight to ensure the perfect amount of curls. Once the braids reach the middle of the head, entertwine them for one to two more twists. Secure the now single section of hair with a hair tye that can easily blend into the color of your hair. Now for the beauty to emerge, use a large barrel (or small preference) and wrap the hair around the heat and spiral down. The longer the curl is left on the heat, the tighter the curls will be. Continue this process until head is curled to desirable look, and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray! 

2. Shifted Braid into Low Bun

Romantic braids are sure to be a hit this year, and not to mention, who doesn't love hair that won't get in their way while they dance?! This whimsical look is perfect for a girl who likes her hair out of the way, but looks more than effortless. Start by securing a handful of hair that starts one fourth of the way down from your part. The hair in front of this will be dealt with later, so be sure to leave a chunk to curl and pin back. Using a large barrel, curl the rest of the hair in the back into deep, large curls. A thin layer of hairspray over these finished curls will be a perfect helper then sculpting these into a bun. Twist and push the curls into a bun right above your neck, and lock this into place with as many as bobby pins and bands as possible. Once the bun is secured, our front piece of hair can now become a loose, and messy braid. It can be fastened to your scalp with more bobby pins, that lead directly into the bun. Not only passionate, but fierce as well.

High school is focused around learning, so on the one day of the year it's focused on fashion, take advantage of it! Own your own style, and don't be afraid to overdo it. Stand out with the perfect dress, makeup, shoes & hair!


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