3 Good Reasons to Change Your Hair

new hair cut

Researchers found that the average female will get a new hair cut, style, or color 104 times in her life. But why? What’s the point of changing our appearance so often? Even if you're already happy with the hair you have, this is the perfect time to start experimenting with a new style.

So as summer turns into fall and Labor Day approaches, check out this short list to find three of the most common reasons women choose to change their hair.

  1. Because change is good. You don’t always need a reason to make a change. If everything stayed the same all the time, life would be pretty dull. And you don't want your hair to be dull.

    When the monotony of everyday life gets you down, why not have a little fun with your hair? It grows back, after all. As many as 44% of women say that they have altered their hairstyle or color simply because they were bored. Even more (61%) say that they’ve tried a new hair cut because they “just wanted a change.”

  2. Because you need a confidence boost. Life is hard. Really hard.

    We don’t always come out on top. Between missed career opportunities and failed relationships, staying positive can feel like a real challenge. That's why almost one-third of women will change their hair following a breakup or divorce. As many as 38% say that they have changed their hairstyle in order to feel more confident. And guess what? It works! A whole 69% of women say that they feel more attractive right after having their hair colored.

  3. Because age is just a number. Who actually wants to look their age? When you’re young, you want to look older and more sophisticated. As soon as you reach adulthood, you long for your lost youth. Fortunately, you can easily add or detract years just by adjusting your hair style. Simply by studying your facial features and complexion, a professional stylist at a trusted hair salon can help you achieve the new look you’ve been looking for. Perhaps that is why 6% of women say they choose to get their hair cut or colored to mark a milestone birthday, and why so many women get hair highlights or all-over color to cover up those sneaky gray strands.

So why do you change your hair? Maybe you’re just interested in trying out one of this year’s hottest summer haircuts. Let us know in the comments section below!

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